Devilish scotch eggs

Makes 4 Eggs


Scotch eggs
4 quails eggs - boiled for 2 minutes & peeled
40 grams king prawns - minced
20 grams grouper meat - minced
20 grams heavy whipping cream
2 eggs - beaten
75 grams all purpose flour
75 grams panko breadcrumbs - finely pulsed
salt & pepper - to taste

Tartare sauce
250 grams mayonnaise
50 grams gherkins -rustic cut
50 grams capers - cut & fried
50 grams red onion - small, diced
1 pc lime - cut & squeezed
dash tabasco - to taste
dash worcestershire sauce - to taste
25 grams flat leaf parsley - sliced
salt & black pepper - to taste


1. Start by dropping the quail eggs in boiling water and cook for exactly 2 minutes, remove from the water and drop in an ice bath. Quickly peel the shell from the eggs and set on the side.

2. For the shrimp mousse, take the minced shrimp, minced grouper and beat in salt & pepper, take one of the eggs and separate, beat the white into the shrimp and reserve the yolk for the egg wash. Roll the basil leaves up into a cigarette and slice, fold this into the shrimp mousse.

3. To finish the eggs, take 35 grams of the shrimp mousse and completely encase the boiled eggs, then dredge the whole thing through the flour, beaten egg and panko breadcrumbs. Refrigerate for 15 minutes before rolling into an egg shape.

4. When ready, fry the eggs in oil at 180 degrees Celsius until golden brown.

5. Make the tartare sauce by combining the mayonnaise with the red onion, gherkins and capers, add the lime juice, tabasco and Worcestershire sauce to taste, finish by adding the parsley and seasoning with salt & pepper.

6. Serve together.



Makes 4 portions


8 pieces of rustic bread - sliced & grilled
28 grams extra virgin olive oil
84 grams pork belly slices - sliced & seared
56 grams bacon slices - sliced & cooked
84 grams porchetta - sliced & seared
28 grams cos lettuce leaves
56 grams tomato slices - seared
1 sunny side up egg - seasoned
46 grams bacon aioli - spread onto bread


1. Slice bread on bias, and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil; grill until crisp.

2. Sear pork belly slices till brown, sear porchetta till brown, heat bacon, drain the pork on towel.

3. Spread aioli onto bread, top and bottom, layer meat starting with porchetta on the bottom, belly on top, and bacon as top layer; top with cos and tomato; finish with the sunny side up egg.

4. Lean second piece of bread on side.



This is an example of a fresh from the garden cocktail. Clean cucumber, peppery basil and Hendricks gin marry perfectly to the St Germain. The added grapefruit bitters further enhance the flavours.


40ml Hendricks Gin
15ml St Germain elderflower liqueur
1 cucumber wheel (3cm)
2 basil leaves
30ml lemon juice
15ml sugar syrup*
Splash egg white
2 drops Fee's grapefruit bitters


1. Muddle cucumber and basil in the base of a mixing glass.

2. Add ingredients and shake without ice.

3. Add ice and shake again.

4. Fine** strain.

*To make a sugar syrup:

1. Bring equal parts sugar and water to a boil.

2. Simmer for 4 minutes.

3. Remove and allow to cool.

4. Keep bottle in the fridge.


** Fine strain:

Use a tea strainer or similar to remove the basil leaves and cucumber chunk/pulp

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